Senior Lending

We offer funding of up to 75% of GDV, with rates starting at 8% depending on track record and profitability of the project.

We will only entertain projects with a minimum of 20% profit on cost.

We will consider first time developers if they have the team around them with the experience to deliver the project.

Our key goal is long term clients where we can provide the financial backing which allows them to grow and deliver more successful projects.

We will consider loans of over £1m up to £100m.

Equity Funding

Many developers we speak to are focused on minimising the capital outlay required for a project and therefore maximising returns, this also allows them to undertake more projects and increase profits.

We therefore offer a range of solutions to provide funding for the equity element of a project, potentially meaning a developer can fund 100% of the project costs including the land purchase. This is dependent on the track record, the profitability of the scheme, and the specifics of the project itself.

We will only consider equity funding for projects with a minimum of 25% profit on cost.

Before 2008, SME developers were an essential element of the housebuilding landscape, in the past decade however over 90% of new housing has been delivered by a handful of large players. We believe it is time for that to change in order to deliver the economic recovery and new homes the UK needs. We are committed to partnering with and financially supporting those ambitious, highly skilled companies.


We understand that it is crucial when looking at a potential project to move quickly in order to secure it. We therefore endeavour to have a decision for funding with you within 48 hours of an enquiry.

Relationship Driven

Developing property is a complex and lengthy process with a vast number of moving parts. Funding is the key, however we look to be an active partner at every step of the way to ensure we can add value and assistance in all aspects to help you deliver the project on schedule and on budget.

Highly Skilled

We have in house and associate partners giving us unparalleled expertise in all aspects of development. Of course we specialise in all areas of finance, however we also offer advisory services on sourcing, appraising, project managing and exiting schemes.