Property Funding and Advice

Funding for Developers by Developers.

Development Funding

We fund developments of £1m-£100m, offering senior lending up to 75% LTGDV, joint ventures or equity funding up to 100% LTC. We can have finance agreed within 48 hours of an enquiry.

Portfolio Funding

We offer competitive lending on existing portfolios also allowing release of equity up to 70% LTV, rates from 5%. We also advise, structure and facilitate portfolio creation and sales with partners ranging from professional investors through to fund houses.

Short-Term Finance

We specialise in short term finance options, whether that be on existing assets or for purchases, with or without planning. Rates are from 0.75%pm and completion can be as quick as two weeks. We can also facilitate sales exit loans once a build is water-tight.

Development Funding

We fund developments throughout the UK and Europe, looking for long term partnerships with ambitious developers where we can bring the resource to maximise the number and size of projects undertaken. We offer traditional development funding as well as tailored packages up to 100% of cost including land for the right client.

Portfolio Finance

We work with investors and property companies who have either built portfolios and are looking for a more sophisticated and bespoke finance package, or those looking to fund new purchases to grow. As with all we do, the key is long standing, personal relationships where we can support growth and acquisition strategy.

Short Term Finance

The fastest growing sector within the property lending space, quick access to funds can be invaluable. Whether it is to release funds for new purchases or cash flow, or to facilitate and secure a new site, funding can be in your bank within two weeks of application.

Partner with Us and Thrive

The single biggest reason that SME property companies cannot reach their full potential is funding. We can provide an innovative, secure financial backbone powering you to succeed.